St-Anthony's School DUGAWAR

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St-Anthony Higher Secondary School
Dugawar, Asmoli PO 244304, Sambhal district. Uttar Pradesh. Phone : 9027121845

Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi (CBSE Affiliation No.2131362). School No.81296

Saint Anthony's School is established by a Social Service Organization from Belgium ( Œuvre des Pains ) in collaboration with Gramin Manav Vikas Samiti, a Society formed in the year 1983, to work for the development of villagers in rural India. Saint Anthony's School is based on the belief that "Development Oriented Education Builds a True Human Society". We are preparing girls and boys to become exemplary members of society.

A quality school in a rural area !

St Anthony’s Senior Secondary School, in the village of Dugawar started functioning in 2004, with 160 students from nursery to grade 1 and with 5 teaching staff from the southern state of Kerala. Each subsequent year, one grade has been added and the senior most students reached class 12 in 2017. The total number of students in the current academic year is above 2000, from nursery to class 12. The children come from around 100 surrounding villages. School buses and private transportation are arranged for them. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the medium of education is English. The school is equipped with labs, library, and other facilities as per the requirement of the Board. Graduated students of St. Anthony’s School are getting in different walks of life successfully. Many of the students from the first batches are already working in public and private sectors. The school building is used for multipurpose activities. On holidays, and on week ends, trainings for the villagers are conducted in the school. Vocational training and Village Animation programs are also organised.

School Equipments

As per the norms of the CBSE Board, the school is well equipped with computer lab, science lab, library, playground and sports equipment. The playground well equipped campus provide them the opportunity to develop their sportsmanship. Students participate in inter-school competition at district and state level. Parents meeting are conducted regularly to inform the progress of their children. Special efforts are done to involve the parents to collaborate with the school and the education of their children. Regular medical check up is conducted for the students in the campus. Students in need of special medical care such as eye and ear problems, etc. are referred to specialised hospitals. Health education classes are conducted from classes III to XII. Girls and teenagers are also guided by the doctor on a regular basis. School buses take trips both in the morning and evening. Bigger children from the neighboring villages come by bicycles and small children are either brought by their parents or by the school bus. A few villages have organized their own means of transportation.

We have a nice library

We have a nice library with many books. You can access the online catalog by clicking this link : Catalog

CBSE Affiliation

St-Anthony's School - Dugawar is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). The following documents are published following the CBSE Mandatory Public Disclosure demand (Appendix IX) :

Transfer Certificate Attestations

The transfer certificate (TC) is an important document that is issued by St-Anthony's School to a student who is leaving the school and transferring to another school.